Small Systems Committee Mission: Provide technical assistance to small water and wastewater systems in Alaska, and to provide information that helps small systems improve compliance with state and federal regulations which affect the ability of small systems to provide clean, safe water for Alaska. In support of this mission, the committee will:

  1. Coordinate specialized training sessions by targeting administrative, compliance, and operational issues unique to small systems.
  2. Promote responsiveness to small systems utilizing the committee’s services by providing communication tools that/which maximize outreach efforts.
  3. Coordinate AWWMA efforts to inform small systems of information and resources available via the internet, telephone contact and publications. Create a “program” to identify and provide a calendar of field resources and a reference database of systems (pictures).
  4. Assist AWWMA’s established ad hoc committees to perform specific AWWMA business involving small systems.
  5. Assist the membership committee with the promotion of new members, and the retention of existing members in national affiliates
    (both individual and system memberships) by informing small system operators and managers about the benefits of AWWA, WEF, and AWWMA membership as well as by professional example.


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