2017-2018 President/Chair

AWWMA’s goal is to provide Alaska’s water and wastewater professionals with quality education, training, and business opportunities for managing and treating water. I am honored to have been selected to lead such a prestigious organization, filled with dedicated water and wastewater professionals that work diligently to protect public health and the environment.

AWWMA’s diverse membership includes utility managers, plant operators, engineers, regulators, academics, scientists, and other professionals. Being involved in AWWMA has allowed me to network with multiple disciplines and learn from professionals in all aspects of water treatment. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank to all of our members for contributing to this great organization. If you are not already a member, I would like to encourage you to join our organization and benefit from the many great opportunities we provide for professional development.

I would also like to encourage our members to consider active involvement, whether at the committee level or as a member of the board of directors. Involvement will not only provide you with leadership skills and qualifications, it will allow you to build and expand your professional networks with water professionals, not only here in Alaska, but nationally as well.

Visit our Board of Directors page for more information, or click here to contact AWWMA to learn more!

If you have any ideas or suggestions as to how we can improve the organization, better connect water professionals, enhance the expertise of water professionals, or increase awareness of the value of water please let us know! Our members are our number one priority and we are always happy to receive feedback so we can better serve you.

Thanks again for the honor of leading such a respected group of professionals and for the honor of representing Alaska water professionals at the national level. Thank you for your dedication to the profession and our organization.