AWWMA News & Information:

AWWMA e-News & Info is a quarterly online publication of the Alaska Water Wastewater Management Association, representing the Alaska Section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), and the Alaska Water Environment Federation (WEF) Member Association.

Publishing dates are March, June, September and December 30th. The editor should receive all advertising and articles no later than 2 weeks prior to the publishing date.

Recipients include our membership, government agencies, legislators, manufacturers/distributors and other parties with an interest in matters concerning water and wastewater.

With each issue, AWWMA e-News & Info will cover a wide range of interests including technical articles, editorials, committee reports, new projects, and other items of interest to individuals working in or associated with the water and wastewater industry.

All articles and other matters concerning this publication, including inquiries about advertising, should be addressed to the AWWMA Newsletter Committee.

Advertising Rates

If you are interested in placing an ad in the upcoming issue(s), please contact Angie Monteleone for rates and details.

Name the Newsletter Contest

Enter your suggestion to rename our e-Newsletter!  The suggestion with the most unique and industry applicable name will receive a 50% discount to be used towards either next year’s annual conference, the SE Conference, or an AWWMA workshop!