Membership in American Water Works Association (AWWA) and/or Water Environment Federation (WEF) results in membership in AWWMA. Membership offers a variety of programs and services that are designed to meet your professional needs:
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Education & Training
  • Peer Recognition
  • Products & Services

Types of AWWA Memberships

  • Individual: Are you looking for personal and professional growth?

Individual Active | Operations/Administrative  Young Professionals | Students | Retiree

  • Utility: Are you looking to improve your utility's operations?
  • Service Provider: Are you looking to attract new customers?
  • Partner Agencies & Institutions: Are you looking to enhance your technical knowledge through AWWA resources or keep current on opportunities to present and publish?

If you are an AWWA member and do not wish to receive email from AWWA please contact customer service at (800) 926-7337.

Types of WEF Memberships

Executive Membership Package The Executive Membership package is available to any individual interested or involved in water quality, and is designed specifically to provide access to WEF’s comprehensive suite of publications and water knowledge. Academic Membership Package The Academic membership package is designed for Professors and/or Educators interested or involved in subjects related to the water quality industry. Professional Wastewater Operators (PWO) Membership Package The PWO membership package is designed for individuals involved on a daily basis in wastewater treatment, collection, or laboratory operations. Young Professionals Membership Package The Young Professional (YP) membership package is available to water quality professionals with five years or less work experience in the industry and who are under the age of 35. Student Membership Package The Student membership package is designed for the specific needs of students - our future water quality professionals - as it offers Student members a solid foundation on which to build their careers and gain instant credibility with water quality leaders. If you are a member of WEF and do not wish to receive email from WEF contact customer service at (800) 666-0206.   For more information contact Dana Novak