A Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN)

National WARN Project

A Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) is a network of utilities helping other utilities to respond to and recover from emergencies. While the WARN initiative is coordinated by American Water Works Association (AWWA), WARNs are organized on a state by state basis and are managed by the utilities themselves. Thirty-four states have established a WARN, and Alaska is currently working towards the development of AKWARN.

The WARN Program assists water/wastewater utilities in providing mutual aid whenever a significant service interruption may require support beyond a local utility's immediately available resources. The goal is to assist in the rapid recovery of service for the protection of the public health, the environment and your local community.

AKWARN Project

The backbone of the intrastate WARN concept is the Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement. It is in the Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement where provisions for network activation, reimbursement, liability and other issues are mutually agreed upon by participating utilities. Participation is voluntary; there is no obligation to respond, and there is no direct cost to become a member of the network.

How To Participate In AKWARN

Participation is open to water and wastewater management utilities. Please review the AKWARN Agreement and provide your concerns or comments to the AKWARN Steering Committee. Also, if you have interest in becoming an active member of the Steering Committee, or would just like to contribute additional direction or input during these development stages of AKWARN, your time would be greatly appreciated.

Realizing that the framework of a WARN offers a forum for establishing and maintaining emergency contacts, provides expedited access to specialized resources needed to respond to and recover from emergencies that disrupt water/wastewater utilities, and facilitates training that specifically focuses on the exchange of resources during an emergency, the following leaders in the water community and government agencies have joined together to develop AKWARN: United States Environmental Protection Agency; Alaska Water Wastewater Management Association; Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (see page 5); Alaska Rural Water Association; and the Alaska Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management.

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